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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is delegated the authority to act on behalf of the constituents between regular sessions, as hereinafter provided. The Executive Committee shall appoint such committees and shall employ such personnel and distribute its workers as may be necessary to execute its work effectively. 

The Executive Committee shall be elected at the regularly scheduled constituency meeting and shall consist of the following members. The President, Vice President of Administration, and Vice President of Finance shall be members ex officio of the Executive Committee. The remaining membership shall be composed of four denominational employees and then lay persons from various sections of the conference, subject to term limits of Article V, Section 1. It is further stipulated that any of the members, except ex-officio members, must have been residents of the Dakota Conference for at least one year. If the status of any elected member changes during the quinquennium, the Executive Committee shall appoint a new member keeping in mind the guidelines specified in Article VI, Section 2. 

Above taken from the Constitution & Bylaws of the Dakota Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Dakota Executive Committee Members

*Member because of position


Mark Weir*



Mark Piotrowski*

Vice Chair
Vice President of Administration


Mark Seibold*

Vice President of Finance


David Bailey

Fargo Adventist Church, ND
Fargo Region


Steve Erickson

Jamestown Adventist Church, ND
Jamestown Region


Gordon Goetz

Aberdeen Adventist Church, SD
Aberdeen Region


Gloria Marcoe

Custer Adventist Church, SD
Rapid City Region


MAUC Representative*

Lincoln, NE
Mid-America Union Conference



Adventist Church



Adventist Church


Darren Purdy

Sioux Falls Adventist Church, SD
Sioux Falls Region


Bob Shumaker

Hurley Adventist Church, SD
Sioux Falls Region


Leslie Soules

Mandan Adventist Church, ND
Bismarck Region


Summer Struckman

Sioux Falls Adventist Church, SD
Sioux Falls Region


Travis Struckman

Watertown Adventist Church, SD
Aberdeen Region


Mike Temple

Grand Forks Adventist Church, ND
Fargo Region


Char Timothy

Minot Adventist Church, ND
Bismarck Region


Ron Wright

Invitation Hill Adventist Church, ND
Dickinson Region



Dakota Executive Committee Invitees



Brian Norton**

Richardton Adventist Church, ND
Minister in Training


Kelli Wasemiller**

Rapid City Adventist Church, SD
Elementary Education Superintendent



** Please note, all Dakota Conference department directors are invitees to board meetings.