The Dakota Conference is excited to hold Campmeeting this year. To help protect guests the following protocols will be implemented:

  • All meetings will be held in the gymnasium to assure safe distancing. If there is concern regarding sitting in metal chairs, please bring a seat cushion to add comfort. Because of the new wood floor at the academy, there will be no outside chairs or lawn chairs allowed in the gym.

  • Face masks are not required but are encouraged.

  • There will be scheduled cleanings in the gym and public places between meetings.

  • Cafeteria tables will be spaced as far apart as space allows. Entrance to the café will be from the girls’ dorm side and guests will exit toward the boys’ dorm.

  • If you feel sick or are exhibiting symptoms, please do not expose others by attending.

  • There will be livestreaming available here as well as the Facebook page.





The Dirt Kicker Charity Run starts at 8:00am on Sunday, August 2.

Registrations and donations are still being accepted. If anyone would like to volunteer please contact Jacquie Biloff at jbiloff@icloud.com.



Leadership at the Dakota Conference continues to monitor the rapidly changing impact of the coronavirus. The health and safety of church members, students, employees and communities throughout the conference is top priority.Churches and faith-based locations in North Dakota were never covered under the Governor’s Executive Orders to close during the COVID-19 pandemic. As of May 12, if a location chooses to reopen, in consultation with their pastor, they may meet for prayer meetings and/or Sabbath services. Those entities are encourage to follow the CDC guidelines along with the Universal Protocols to prepare and clean the facility. In addition, good hygiene and adequate social distancing during services and gatherings should be practiced. It is also important to remind parishioners and members to make good choices regarding their high risk and most vulnerable members.

For those not attending, tithe and offerings may be given through Adventist Online Giving, whether to the local church or the Dakota Conference Adventist Church. Funds received at the Dakota Conference will be credited back to the local church. The online link is https://adventistgiving.org/#/.



The Dakota Conference of Seventh-day Adventists' corporate office, located at 7200 N Washington Street, Bismarck, North Dakota, serves as church headquarters for Seventh-day Adventist members living in North and South Dakota. The motto of the Dakota Conference is "Sharing the unchanging love of Jesus in a changing world."

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We would like to thank the following photographers for giving us permission to use their photos:

  • Jacquie Biloff
  • Paulette Bullinger
  • Jodi Dossenko
  • Natosha Lund
  • Chystal Rittenbach
  • Nathan Roe


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