Dakota Conference

Sharing the unchanging love of Jesus in a changing world.

Office Staff





Mark Weir

Evangelism Director, A.S.I.

701.751.6177, Ext 20


Mark Seibold

VP of Finance

701.751.6177, Ext 206


Mark Piotrowski

VP of Administration
HR Director, Church Ministries

701.751.6177, Ext 204

Office Staff


Julie Brude

Administrative Assistant
Conference Membership Clerk
Trust Services

701.751.6177, Ext 203


Jodi Dossenko

Communication Director


701.751.6177, Ext 208


Cindy Miller

Associate Treasurer


701.751.6177, Ext 205



Lynette Miller

Development Director
ABC Manager

701.751.6177, Ext 212


Marlin Miller

Maintenance Director



Jaelyn Pickett

Administrative Assistant




Ted Struntz

Youth Ministries
Camps & Pathfinders

701.751.6177, Ext 213


Judy Weir

Accounting Clerk

701.751.6177, Ext 210