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Northwest Regional


Dakota RegionalsThe Northwest Regional held in Dickinson, ND was the last Regional of the season, which started in the fall of 2013. Regionals are held around the conference in strategic locations ...  More

Cuts at Review & Herald


RHPA BOARD VOTES SMALLER, LEANER PROFILE FOR PUBLISHING HOUSE The board of the Review and Herald Publishing Association announced a plan to change operations in order to improve its financial ...  More

Oakwood University Senior competed in Jeopardy.


      Oakwood University senior elementary education major Kenesha Bennett competed in the Jeopardy! College Championship and the Ford Black College Quiz, ...  More


Student Scholarships Are Available

Grant applications are now availabe fo  More

Maranatha Coming to North Dakota

Maranatha Coming to North Dakota Maran  More

Run to Be Held at Campmeeting

Dirt Kicker Charity Run   There w  More

Bible Says


Perseverance Pays

This week I received a steep assignment from my violin professor. He asked me to have a certain p...


Solar Solace

While many Americans celebrated or cursed April 15th due to it's eponymous moniker of Tax Day, Ap...

Family First


Baskets of Eggs

As a ten-year-old wanting to raise money for a bicycle, I got a job. Mom assigned me to feeding t...


Are We There Yet?

My family and I were on our way from Florida to Atlanta—specifically, Stone Mountain. The five of...

Staying Young


Volunteers Needed

During my childhood, I learned the delights of volunteerism. My early recollections include being...


Calorie Cutback?

So how is that New Year’s goal going to lose weight? Has discouragement set in, and you’ve given ...

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Dakota Dispatch

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Dakota Pine Ridge Mission

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