Dakota Conference

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Club Annual Application Form - A

We, resolve

to always plan and operate our club to honor and glorify God, and we realize that the primary purpose of the Pathfinder Club is to lead youth to Jesus and teach them to love and serve Him. We understand that the club is for the salvation, benefit, and enjoyment of youth. We will follow church policies and cooperate with church leaders. We will work in harmony with our sponsoring church to make the club a soul winning and witnessing program.

We, the undersigned have read,

understand, and are in full agreement with the Philosophy of Pathfindering and agree to support our club through those means with which the Lord has blessed this church, including finances, staff volunteers, securing a place to meet, transportation on outings, and other such needs as may arise in the fulfillment of this ministry, and to assist and support the work of the Pathfinder ministry in this conference and around the world.

Also required

1. Staff Annual Registration Form - B; 2. Club Annual Membership List - C; 3. A completed Staff/Volunteer Application Form with Waiver and Consent; 4. Background Check.