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Nov 26 2014


Dakota Trust Services

Arlo Heinrich, Trust Services Director

701.751.6177, ext 206
813.997.1697 (cell)
701.751.6178 (fax)


Charles O'Hare,                                       Trust Services Representative

701.751.6177, ext 202
605.381.8451 (cell)
701.751.6178 (fax)

Contact Pastor O'Hare with any questions about a new or existing trust with the Dakota Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.




Julayne Brude, Trust Services Assistant

701.751.6177, ext 203
701.751.6178 (fax) 


 Visit for more information about Trust Services.

A season for everything
and a time for every purpose.

 Life is all about transitions.
Growing from child to adult
to senior. Extending God's
kingdom from generation to
generation. Throughout the
cycle of life, Trust Services provides
the information you need to arrange
care for children or elderly parents;
develop retirement security; and make
estate and gift plans that express love
of family and of the Lord's work.
Trust Services is for everyone,
regardless of age, income or family

For more information,
contact the Trust Department at
701.751.6177, ext 203.


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