Spiritual Feast Weekend

Aug 01 2014

Featured speaker will be Pastor David Shin from Lansing, MI. For additional information, please c...

Meet the Pastors of the Dakota Conference! 

Pastors with underlined names may be contacted via email.


Pastor Harold Chin

Churches: Mandan, Turtle Lake


Pastor George Shaver

Churches: Aberdeen, Bowdle


 Pastor Bill Edwards

Churches: Goodrich, Harvey, Manfred



Pastor Robert Forbes

Churches: Edgeley, Lehr, Kulm


Pastor Dragos Profir

ChurchSioux Falls



Pastor Brad Gienger

Church: Dakota Adventist Academy



Pastor Brad Traxler

Churches: Huron, Redfield, Watertown



Pastor Darrel Lindensmith

Church: Fargo

Pastor Darren Purdy

Churches: Rapid City, Hermosa



Pastor Odea Sigh

Church: Bismarck

Churches: Bottineau, Minot

Pastor Christian Ronalds

Church: Red River


 Pastor Terry Pflugrad

Churches:  Bowdon Country, New Home, McClusky


Pastor Nicholas Eaton

Church: Wahpeton

Pastor David Moench

Churches: Bowman, Bison, Grassy Butte



Churches: Jamestown, Cleveland




Churches: Harvest Company, Watford City, Williston Fellowship



Pastor Nicholas Osborn

ChurchesHurley, Mitchell, Platte, Yankton


Pastor Richard Kurtz

Churches: Mobridge, Pierre, Tolstoy


 Pastor Marion Miller

Churches: Custer, Hot Springs, Payabya

Pastor Mike Temple

Church: Grand Forks


Pastor Jim Kack
Church: Spearfish


Pastor Donovan Kack

Churches: Dickinson, Beulah


Pastor Rick Melendez

Churches: Interim Pastor in Jamestown 


Dan Jackson Confronts Challenges


Adventist leader Dan Jackson confronts future challenges in American-born movement Leading a million North American Seventh-day Adventists, Dan Jackson must steer through postmodernist shoals ...  More

Adventist Community Services Responds


Adventist Community Services Responds     Devastation left by Hurricane Sandy, 2012 [Photo courtesy of Greater New York Conference - Photo by Rohann Wellington] Hur...  More


Adventist Heritage Tour Offer

Dakota Pastor to Lead Adventist Herita  More

Bible Says


Liabilities of Being Privileged

It came at a pivotal time, just when the disciples realized that the religious authorities would ...


Escape to Freedom

I recently watched a documentary on the Colditz Cock. It told the incredible story of British pri...

Family First


What About Purity?

Purity. That word again. But what is it really all about? Why is it so important? Where do you dr...


Shoulder to Shoulder

I looked at the faces of the couple pictured in the news story—married 67 years—and saw the love ...

Staying Young


Busy World Kindness

We live in a busy world. People with “Me First” bumper stickers cut us off in traffic. Others tak...


Neighborhood Walk

Many feel we have lost our sense of community today. Too many live lives isolated from their neig...

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Dakota Dispatch

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