• Adventist Heritage Tour Offer

    Announced by Jacquie Biloff on Jul 03 2014

    Dakota Pastor to Lead Adventist Heritage Tour in Fall of 2014


    What is the Adventist Heritage Tour?

    Answer:  The Adventist Heritage Tour is a 6-day journey in the Northeast area where the Seventh-day Adventist Church has its roots. We'll be visiting Hiram Edson's barn, the first Sabbath-keeping church in our denomination in Washington, NH, and we'll spend an entire Sabbath at the William Miller homestead. We'll also enjoy the gorgeous scenery of the Northeast during autumn as we travel together in a deluxe motor coach. We'll get a "feel" for what it might have been like during the early beginnings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in a "hands-on" way. Other excursions like Niagara Falls, markets and shops, and walking the Sabbath Trail are also planned for our time together.

      Why are you leading this tour?

    Answer:  My wife and I are originally from New York State, and after moving to the Dakotas in 2002, we came to realize that there are many, many Seventh-day Adventist in the Mid-west who have never been to the Northeast to see where our denomination’s “roots” are. Some of the places, sights, and sounds that we may have taken for granted while we were living there, other people have never experienced at all. We want to give our Mid-west family a chance to have a first-hand look at these things.

      What is included on the Adventist Heritage Tour?

      Seating on a deluxe motor coach with a professional driver who knows the area, all our guided excursions, quality hotel accommodations, and two meals per day. We also have a few surprises planned for this exciting tour.

      Where can someone get more information?

      If someone wants more information on the trip, the best way to begin is to give me a call at 701-289-2016, or e-mail me at  The sooner, the better. We have a number of people who have been contacting us, and those who wish to explore the possibilities will need to hurry.  We also have a web site (, but calling is the best option with our time constraints.

  • Dakota Conference Re-elects Administration

    Announced by Jacquie Biloff on Jun 19 2014

    Dakota Conference Re-elects Administration

    The 9th quinquennium session of the Dakota Conference of Seventh-day Adventists was held Sunday, June 15, 2014, at Dakota Adventist Academy in conjunction with Dakota Campmeeting. More than 300 delegates nominated by churches from North and South Dakota attended the session. The nominating committee met May 4, six weeks prior to the constituency, and recommended the reinstatement of all administrators and departmental directors for another 5-year term. 

    Registration Line
    Registration began June 15 at 8:00 a.m. and delegates were seated shortly after 9:00 a.m. Those voted into administrative office were Conference President Neil Biloff, Vice President of Administration Loren Nelson III, and Vice President of Finance Arlo Heinrich. Department directors include Education Superintendent Gerard Ban, Senior Youth Director Elder Loren Nelson III, Children’s Ministries Leader Pastor Bradley Gienger, Ministerial Director Elder Bryce Pascoe, and Associate Treasurer Gwen Speak, and Communication Director Jacquie Biloff.


    Mark Bond, communications director of the Rocky Mountain Conference, was present to operate the electronic voting which allowed for immediate tabulation of votes. Three screens were placed on stage to accommodate a capsulation video of the past five years of ministries in the conference, subjects to be voted, and other issues under question. Treasurer Tom Evans from the North American Division was present, as were representatives from the Mid-America Union, President Elder Tom Lemon, Vice President for Administration Gil Webb, Vice President for Finance Elaine Hagele, Associate Vice President for Finance Troy Peoples, and Attorney Darrel Huenergardt.

    Former executive committee members who were not eligible to serve again due to term limits were given the
    E.G. White Encyclopedia in appreciation for their service.


    The longest discussion item entailed Northern Lights Camp in North Dakota and Flag Mountain Camp in South Dakota. The delegates were pleased with the improvements done to the camps, and the conference’s long-term vision to continue to improve the facilities at each camp. Some delegates preferred improvements instead of replacement of some structures, if safety allows, for nostalgic reasons.

    The meeting was dismissed with prayer for God’s continued guidance at 11:30 a.m., a total meeting time of two-and-a-half hours. Five hundred box lunches were provided for the delegates and families, employees and families, and guests, but because the session was over early many chose to head for home or eat in town. The extra food was donated to the Ruth Meier Hospitality House in Bismarck, which provides housing and supportive services to assist homeless and low income people in achieving self-sufficiency.

    Don Krassin, a delegate at large, expressed his appreciation at the brevity of the meeting and the use of ‘clickers’ for voting. He also appreciated that the nominating committee met early to discuss and grapple with any issues.