• Peace on Earth

    Announced by Jacquie Biloff on Oct 09 2014

    The news is dismal. Only Jesus can give true peace — the kind that resists any storm raging on planet Earth.  Christmas is a time when even the most secular-minded individuals pause and reflect on the events of the year and the state of their families.

    What better gift to offer a hurting world than a message of peace?

    The Voice of Prophecy (VOP) is producing this year's ABC TV national Christmas special, and given the state of the world around us, the theme is Peace On Earth.  

    It all takes place on Wednesday, October 15th at 6:30 pm at the Spencerville Adventist Church in Silver Spring, Md. 

    Directed and produced by the VOP team, it will feature Spencerville Adventist Academy's Adventist Children's Choir under the direction of Jane Lanning; the King's Heralds Quartet; Christine Wollmann, gifted international vocalist; and a message by Shawn Boonstra, VOP Speaker/Director. 

    The gift of peace is the very best gift that we can share with our friends and family this year. Visit ABC's website in November and find out when the program will air in your area and then invite family and friends to connect with the giver of peace.  For more information visit
  • Desire of Ages Breaks All Records

    Announced by Jacquie Biloff on Oct 02 2014

    NEWS from Pacific Press® Publishing Association
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    The Desire of Ages Breaks All Records

    Nampa, Idaho, (September 29, 2014).

    Pacific Press® reports 77,609 copies of The Desire of Ages have found their way into homes across the country, this year alone, representing a 69% increase in demand over last year. This is due in large part to the Tell the World About Jesus campaign.
          Counting all editions, 104,000 copies of this classic on the life of Jesus have sold this year. That's equivalent to the entire population of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

      Tell the World About Jesus, in partnership with ASI, aims to fulfill the commission of Ellen G. White that "God would be pleased to see The Desire of Ages in every home." 
    Pacific Press® is now providing another affordable way to share not only The Desire of Ages, but all books by Ellen G. White.
         October is Spirit of Prophecy Month - which means a discount of 25% for all books priced at $5.00 and above.
         Find out what's available here - beginning Wednesday, October 1 through Friday, October 31, 2014.
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